The vineyards

We create value from diversity

We consider the Glera to be the symbol of our territory. We have cultivated it dedicatedly  and sustainably, combining the best techniques with the natural vocation of each individual vineyard so that the hand-picked fruits are reflected in the individual vintages. We have reinvigorated old traditions by creating value from the various geological differences in our territory.
Starting from the unique soils of Palazzo Rosso, the place our winery is located and from which it takes its name. It is a gentle hill covered in an iron-rich soil, red in colour, that gives strength and minerality to our sparkling wines.

The value of diversity is also the essence of the very steep hillsides (“rive”), traditionally worked by hand in the fifteen municipalities of the DOCG, each with unique characteristics producing individually recognizable wines.

Like our Riva di San Michele, a single hectare vineyard, facing south with shallow, mudstone and clay soils. A Cru of superior quality, silky with intense floral scents.
On the hills immediately to the west of Conegliano stands the Riva di Collalbrigo Costa, a steep slope surrounded by woods and brushed with grey and yellow clay from which we produce our second extra dry Cru, characterful and contemporary with a strong varietal imprint.
All our vineyards are influenced by the diverse morphology of the territory of San Pietro di Feletto that has created pockets of microclimate of particular scientific interest. Like the Landri, for example – river deposits compacted over the centuries into conglomerate blocks that alternate with deep soils and emerge on the surface in vertical ridges layered or dug by waterways to form tunnels and natural caves.