The strength and character of the family

For more than fifty years we have been cultivating our vineyards in the spirit of sacrifice and dedication. We do it out of respect for our origins and because of our deep bond with our land.
We offer you a living product with passion and enthusiasm, the result of our labours, and we have chosen to do it with integrity and transparency.

We share our Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore with all those looking for a versatile, sincere wine, far from stereotypes, that reflects the tradition of these places so full of charm and history. A sparkling wine that joyfully celebrates every moment of life.

We believe in sustainability and in the added value of the superior quality of our grapes, grown respecting their natural rhythms; we pick them by hand and, guided by experience, with the support of the most modern technology we work to enhance their original characteristics. The Sommariva style is simplicity and refinement. To captivate you with vibrant and brilliant colour, to intoxicate you with intense and seductive aromas, to delight you with rich, satisfying flavours.

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